Incoming exchange students

GlobusMaren Riemann

Erasmus students apply through their university`s international office. In order to fill out your Learning Agreement refer course lists, see below.

Non-Erasmus exchange students should ideally contact the departmental coordinator already during preparation for their exchange. Upon arrival at the KIT, please report to the departmental coordinator again to fill out a Registration Form and a Learning Agreement. This will help us  to keep track of you and to be able to care for your study programme at the KIT.

general hints:

  • Language requirements: Most, lectures in the Bachelor Programme are held in German. F2-Modules, F3-Modules and seminars in the Master Programme are held in German or English as indicated on the course list (pdf). If you do not have a good command of the german language, please contact the departmental coordinator before completing your learning agreement and signing up for a course.

  • Module Structure: Bachelor modules and Master F2-modules consist of a lecture coupled to a practical lab course, both of which need to be completed together. F3-Modules are practical lab courses, which are taught individually by arrangement. F2-Modules take place in defined time slots during the semester. Please refer to the “” in order to plan your studies at KIT and to fill out your learning agreement.
  • Bachelor Programme Course Lists: Biology,  Applied Biology
  • Signing up: You have to sign up for all bachelor and master courses. Please contact Studienberatung or the foreign exchange students’ coordinator.
  • Transcripts of Records will be issued by the departmental coordinator at the end of your stay. For this purpose, please collect written certificates for all completed courses.