PalmeAndreas Kay

Palm trees are often trees, but there are also shrubs. They are mainly at home in the tropics, but can also grow in very dry areas. In this family are found the plants with the longest leaves (up to 25 m long!)

OrchidsAndreas Kay

The Orchidaceae family is the second largest family among angiosperms after the Asteraceae. So far, 1000 genera with 15000-30000 species are known. A hotspot of them is in Mindo Lindo, it is impossible for us to list all orchids of this area.

RenAndreas Kay

In den Anden sind nur drei heimische Gattungen dieser Familie vertreten: Renealmia mit offenen Blattspreiten und kleinen Blüten, Hedychium mit große, weißen Nachfalterblüten und Costus mit den spiralig gedrehten Blättern.