M5406 Urban Ecology

M.Sc. Seminar: Urban Ecology-Techniken von Recherche und Informationsmanagement

Lecturers: Dr. Petney, Prof. Taraschewski (Zoology Institute, Department of Ecology and Parasitology), P.D. Dr. Stefan Norra (Department of Geoecology)

Place: Kornblumenstr. 13
Time: Wednesday, 8.30-10.00 Uhr
Duration: 2 SWS
Medium: English
Introductory meeting: 13.04.2011 at 8.30.


Urban environments and ecosystems
Land-use and surface cover as urban ecological indicators
Urban climate
Hydrology of urban environments
Individual species and urbanisation
The influence of people on urban wildlife populations
Species diversity and urbanisation
Composition and diversity in urban communities
Vegetation: patterns and processes
Effects of urbanisation on the ecology and evolution of invertebrate and
vertebrate animals
Urbanisation and alien invasion
Interactions between people and nature in urban environments
The human side
Urban ecology and human health and wellbeing
The importance of urban greenspaces for people
Urban management
Integrating nature values in urban planning
Effects of urbanization on ecosystem services
Building for biodiversity: accommodating people and wildlife in cities