M5401 - Ecology and Parasitology (lecture techniques)

Lecturers Petney/Taraschewski

Time SS and WS nach Vereinbarung

Place Zoology I, Building 07.01, course room

Number of students 8

Language English

Teaching form Literature research 30%, team work 30%, lectures 40%

Proof of achievement
A practice and a final lecture

Interest in the ecology of macro- and microparasites has increased exponentially over the last few decades. We now know that parasites can not only regulate host populations, but also determine the structure of communities and whole ecosystems. Our aim is to use state of the art literature to conceive and design a series of lectures (one/participant) in which these developments are critically discussed. Emphasis will be placed on topics which are of particular interest to the department such as globalization, invading species, vectors and vector-borne diseases, disease-vector-host interactions, epidemiology, population variation and regulation, community structure and speciation processes.